Welcome to the SoCo Lab! We are a group of researcher trying to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch!

Current Projects

Supporting HIV-positive community
Gender biases in League of Legends
Use of e-breathlizers among college students
Grieving support technologies
Use of institutional and learning analytics in higher education
Collective action in cross-strait relations
Cross-cultural differences in movie ratings
Automated animal behavioral inference in captive environments


Patrick Shih patshih@indiana.edu Assistant Professor
Juan (Fernando) Maestre jmaestre@umail.iu.edu PhD Student
Gege Gao gegegao@iu.edu PhD Student
Aehong Min aemin@iu.edu PhD Student
Anna Baglione abaglion@iu.edu PhD Student
Rounak Choudhary rounchou@umail.iu.edu MS 2017
Cody Banister cabanist@umail.iu.edu BS 2018


Chase M. McCoy chamccoy@indiana.edu PhD Student
Andreas Bueckle abueckle@umail.iu.edu PhD Student
Daehyoung Lee lee2055@umail.iu.edu PhD Student
Shannon Yang yang290@iu.edu PhD Student
Pei-Ying Chen peiychen@umail.iu.edu PhD Student
Vincent Malic vmalic@indiana.edu PhD Student
Zheng Gao gao27@umail.iu.edu PhD Student


Yu-Chen Huang MS 2017; OCLC
Revathy Sridharan MS 2017; Microsoft
Michael (Lee) Hiler BS 2017; Epic Systems
Qian (Judy) Dai BS 2017; University of Auckland MS