Welcome to the SoCo Lab at Indiana University Bloomington! We are a group of researcher trying to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch!


Our research focuses on applying theories, techniques, and research methods to address societal issues and create technologies that impact society.

  • Improving physical health and mental wellbeing
    • HIV-positive community
    • Grieving support community
    • Substance abuse among college students
    • PTSD among Veterans
  • Understanding societal values
    • Collective action in cross-strait relations
    • Cross-cultural differences in movie ratings
    • Gender biases in video games
    • Use of institutional and learning analytics in higher education
  • Fostering care for animal and environmental conservation efforts
    • Automated inference of animal behaviors in captive environments
    • Individual identification of animals in the wild
    • Understanding how smart pet toys could influence owner and pet interactions


Alumni and Past Collaborators